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    90W UV / LED Nail Catalyst: Use a manicure device that will never let you down. With the lamp  INOCOS 90W UV / LED CATALYST , you can be sure that your products are always perfectly cured, even on the thumbs!

    Thanks to the implantation and the large number of diodes diffusing low intensity LED light, the hardening is uniform.

    The machine allows you to easily insert the whole hand or foot.

    Intuitive operation is a unique advantage of our nail lamp. You don’t need to read many pages of the user manual to learn how to use the lamp. Take the lamp out of the box, plug in the AC adapter and insert your hand, the ignition is automatic, but you can also choose to use the timer!

    Specification of 90W UV / LED Nail Catalyst:

    • Maximum satisfaction: four timers and an automatic sensor make drying more convenient
    • Automatically turns off after 3 seconds if not in use
    • Eye Protection: A UV lamp cover protects from light and takes care of sensitive eyes.
    • Excellent Design: The removable tray of INOCOS UV LED Lamp makes cleaning easier than ever and helps when drying toenails, its non-slip design prevents it from slipping during curing It contains 45 LEDs, whose wavelengths are from 365-405nm
    • Rainbow timer
    • Pain-free mode
    • With fan
    • User manual included
    • Designed for nail experts or professional staff

    Catalyst characteristics  fingernails  UV / LED 90W:

    1. Mainly made of high quality ABS material, which is environmental, safe, non-toxic and harmless.

    2. 24pcs 90W LEDs lights can dry all kinds of nail gels (gel  acrylic  / hard gel extention / LED gel / UV gel) quickly and perfectly to save your manicure time.

    3. The LED lights have no radiation and are not easy to break or break, which is almost harmless to your nails, very safe for you to use.

    4. With the automatic detection mode is convenient, you just need to put your fingernail under the machine, or take out the machine when  nail oil  is dry in a limited time.

    5. One key timer setting. Timer setting 10s, 30s, 60s and 99s, one touch

    6. 99s is the low heat mode to prevent hand overheating, the maximum working time is 99s.

    7. With its detachable floor, in addition to nails, but can also be used for toenails.

    8. The large screen digital timing is clear to know the curing time in order to farewell boring manicure.


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